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Who See - Igranka (Montenegro)

More dubstep, but this time it’s actually amazing - sinister rapping by dudes in radiation suits and a balls-out bellowing chorus from a woman with high lung capacity and terrifying eyeliner. It will do terribly but I am rooting for it nonetheless.

The video is, well, not the most feminist piece of filmmaking ever BUT after the Woman with Boobs has a dance-off with the Woman with Buttocks, they become friends! Also features majorettes, welding, suitcases, ninjas, a pirate, cage fighting, one kid in his school uniform, some dudes with massive blue headdresses etc. ‘Igranka’ is Montenegrin for ‘party’ so I guess that makes sense…

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Danzel - Under Arrest.

Hurray! It’s been ages since I’ve seen a proper suitcase trance video, although technically I suppose this is suitcase house. Whatever, we have a lady in a catsuit with stolen banknotes in her possession and a randy policeman in hot pursuit! OR IS IT THE OTHER WAY ROUND?

Elaborate stings aside, the spoken word section at 1.31 makes me curse the fact that this song was not submitted as our Eurovision entry this year. “Anything you say may be held against you… in a court of lurrrve!

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Dweeb - Scooby Doo.

Sterling effort from Cockney scuzzpop trio Dweeb, who are indulging in a bit of suitcase trance in New York (where on earth did they get the budget from?) before popping back home to the greasy spoon. I guess they didn’t have enough cash left to acquire any image rights for said mystery-solving dog but I think it adds to the charm - for all we know there is a minature Scooby Doo made out of GOLD hidden in that case.

(Basically this is getting posted because I actually had to deal with a query about these guys at work today and therefore think about them for the first time in 12 years - v bizarre)

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Sash! - Stay

German euro-house dude Sash! has recently released a greatest hits album (on the advert for which I recognise ALL the tracks listed, blimey) and as such the Great British Public have decided to sod that for a game of soldiers and just download the best bits, meaning that ‘Ecuador’ is now happily nestling at no.89 in the charts.

But while the video to ‘Ecuador’ is indeed an excellent tourism advert for the South American republic (featuring the national export products of eagles, rock climbing and nice ladies with crystal balls), it’s not a patch on the vid for ’Stay’, which is an early precursor of Suitcase Trance (expect more of this genre on TVAA in the future!). The signs are all there - mysterious chaps in sunglasses chasing a dude who is clearly some sort of drug baron running away from a dodgy deal in futuristic cityscapes - all it’s lacking is the suitcase itself. Or perhaps he IS the suitcase…? *GASP*

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