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Nerina Pallot - Real Late Starter.

Nerina fits a high-powered executive lunch with a fluffy toy shark into her busy schedule, but eats too many dolly mixtures and ends up having a diabetic tantrum. Marvellous stuff - purple velvet suits aside, I’d much rather hang out in Nerina’s bedroom than Mika’s.

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Lights - Ice

Ungoogleable new popstar Lights is having trouble getting phone reception - possibly because her blackberry is made out of cardboard but hey, it’s the credit crunch innit - so ventures out into the alleyway in search of an elusive Vodafone mast. But oh noes, MONSTERS appear!

It takes a while for Lights to regain her composure and defeat her demons, but luckily she finds her missing 3rd dimension at some point and kicks some goggley-eyed arse. Actually that bit reminds me of when the Tweenies go outside into the real world as puppets instead of dudes in costumes and it’s very weird and you realise that it’s the *inside* proportions that have been wrong all this time, like they’ve been sat at a huge table and it just *looks* small because the dude playing the pink grandad character is actually the height of Dennis Rodman. I bet they never had this trouble on Sesame Street.

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Coldplay - Life In Technicolour ii

Punch and Judy show goes awry, Coldplay look even more terrifying as puppets etc. You’ve probably seen this one already, but I just wanted to point out that the girl at 1.03 clearly grows up to be Jessica Stevenson.

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