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Hannah - Straight Into Love (Slovenia)

No messing - Slovenia have gone full on 100% dubstep in the first 15 seconds! Unfortunately after that things tail off into forgettable filter-bosh with a foghorn female vocal. I don’t think 2013 is going to be Slovenia’s year, HOWEVER if you like half-naked muscle-bound men dancing to laserbeams while having a bath, then this video is for you.

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Ke$ha - Blow.

I am not exactly Ke$ha’s biggest fan, mostly because I haven’t liked ANY of her songs so far and have found her trashy persona tired and unambitious. In that review I said that I had felt similarly about Lady Gaga until “Bad Romance” changed my mind, and I am still willing to believe that Ke$ha is capable of a Mega Tune that will win me over. “Blow” is not mega nor is there much of a tune. However in the video it finally seems like she’s relaxed a bit, poking fun at her bullish party-hard image and actually exploiting the unlimited silliness afforded to established popstars. It does help that she snogs a unicorn to make Dawson jealous. Then has a bra-removing duel and discusses the merits of cheese snacks. I had no idea that there was at least one active brain cell in that noggin! My conclusion here is that Ke$ha is now marginally acceptable when she’s not singing.

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Victoria Beckham ft Dane Bowers - Out Of Your Mind.

"This tune’s gonna punish you!" Aw bless Vicky’s little Versace cotton socks, she tried so hard to be edgy but as we all know she got beaten to the top spot by someone even posher than Posh.

Just compare her dancing skills to her efforts just four years previous. Look how far she’s come! Queen Vic has mastered lasers and technology and is paving the way for T-Pain’s entire career with her Sparky’s Magic Piano vocoder.

Conversely, Dane ‘I’m just big boned’ Bowers is having problems wrestling with his new Beckham-branded Satnav:

"Turn. Left. After. 400. Metres."

"I can’t turn left! There’s a bald-headed baddie down there! I think he might be the boss of Telstar records wanting his budget back!"

"Reverse. Reverse. Reverse."

"Do you mean re-re-wind? Look I AM NOT CRAIG DAVID no matter how hard I try…

(I’ll be posting up more songs from 2000 over the next few weeks as part of my Decade Of Pop)

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Groove Armada - Drop The Tough

Slightly pedestrian offering from GA (a whiff of Tom Tom Club that veers off course into Ting Tings Territory) but a very cool video - infinitely better than the last one. Just think how much bad luck they’d have if they broke all those mirrors?

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