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Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone.


(more later)

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Mary J Blige - I Am.

Mary is a bit cross with her bloke as he wasn’t home in time for dinner (perhaps he got lost in the maze? Topiary can often present obstacles for the directionally challenged). But what exactly is she attempting to cook in her pristine kitchen? Let’s have a look:

Hmm. Half a serving of tomato soup? Red pancakes? It’s hard to tell but I think maybe the poor dude snuck out for a kebab instead and just used being lost in the maze as an excuse. Maybe Mary should take some culinary tips from Mariah, who has already proved her skills at frying stuff.

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Booba - Game Over

Like most stereotypical French people, Booba is an excellent cook. Except he’s not making fairy cakes or a nice souffle, he’s got some crack on the boil instead! Yet he dreams of greater things - my French isn’t brilliant but I’m sure he mentions ‘chicken wings’ at 2.25 and ‘beef’ at 4.24. Perhaps someone gave him a Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall cookbook for Christmas but he’s a bit too scared to try out the meat recipes?

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