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Pink - There You Go.

Best of 2000: Remember when Pink actually had pink hair? Well ok, me too, but that was NINE YEARS AGO dudes, arrrgh. It’s very strange seeing her with different make up and the ‘don’t go there girlfriend!’ shoulder-jiggle dance here: she’s almost like a different person except every so often you get a glimpse of the swagger and belligerent facial expressions more commonly associated with 2009 Pink (minus the yelling).

To finally rid us of any doubt that this is our own bolshy Aleica, her actions speak much louder than her voice. This particular video gets really rather good around 1.26 when Pink’s no-good (ex?) gentleman friend rings her up asking for a lift, and our heroine goes all Tampax advert/Matrix stuntman on us. That’ll learn ‘im.

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Storm - Time To Burn.

Best of 2000: and I really mean it this time - this song is by far and away my favourite dance track of 2000, which I have been near-constantly playing ever since. As a break from the normal suitcase chasing business, the video features Thai female kickboxing match! I love the break-down in the second round where Red Corner looks out for the count but doesn’t give up because it is TIME TO BURN MUTHAFVCKER. There’s even a heartwarming ending! Bam, bam, bam, ba-BAM!

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Daphne & Celeste - Ooh Stick You.

More from 2000: You never know who you might meet in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel lifts - tourists, cyclists, skateboarders, an office worker with dreadful glasses, Cruella deVille, a dog with a human face…

However do be extra careful if you see two young girls in cowboy hats with electricity flowing out of their fingers. Best wear some rubber soled shoes just in case.

(I was absolutely gutted that I missed these two play in the slot between Slipknot and Rage Against The Machine at the Reading Festival in 2000, because I’d fallen asleep in my tent.)

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Kelis - Caught Out There.

More from 2000: Brilliant anger-pop debut from Kelis, whose temper is as fiery as her hairdo. It looks like all the ladies in the neighbourhood bear their other halves similar levels of resentment! Man that’s a lot of oestrogen right there. Kelis’ presumably-dead boyfriend really does look like he’s gone ten rounds with a mallet - I keep expecting Grissom and the CSI team to turn up and swab him for DNA. Or Trace, whatever Trace might be.

I like to think this video at least partially inspired this, although this makes better use of straightjackets (skip to 3.10).

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Wyclef Jean ft The Rock - It Doesn’t Matter.

You’re about to smell what the Rock is cooking! We’re back in 2000 again, and Wyclef has run into a spot of bother after chatting up a girl who (unbeknownst to our hero) has a very musclebound husband. “Are you crazy? You is married???” Poor old Wyclef gets too big for his boots and has to be bailed out by his BFF the Rock, who gives him a proper dressing down with one of the best Srs Faces ever. (Some great dancing in there too.)

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