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Daria - Celebrate.

Country: Croatia
Song: Filter-bosh with terrible self-empowering English lyrics “shine like a comet…in our musical galaxy”. There is however a DUBSTEP BREAKDOWN followed by a KEY CHANGE. People across the UK will be shouting ‘HOUSE!’ at this as they clutch their Eurovision bingo cards, and then someone next to them will say ‘it’s more like broken beats meets filter-trance really o-ho do you see’.
Plot: Daria goes clubbing. She has a water pistol that fires bubbles.
Why Did You Bother Making A Video When: in the Song for Croatia performance Daria and her backing dudes emerged from underneath the mixing desk like phoenixes from… a mixing desk (which judging by its sparkly curtain was handing out the bingo cards I mentioned earlier). But there was breakdancing! I think? It was quite charming! Whereas now I am mentally classifying this alongside all the other ‘in da club’ dross that has filled the music video channels this year.
Better than 2010?: Last year Feminem sang a Sugababes style ballad and didn’t do very well (the voters remembered that they had represented Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2005 and SHUNNED the TRAITOROUS threesome who then failed to make the final). Suffice to say the 2010 and 2011 songs from Croatia are Very Different.
Overall verdict: So far I have not come across any other entries with dubstep breakdowns! This may well be their only chance…

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