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Kati Wolf - What About My Dreams.

Country: Hungary
Song: Semi-boshing electro with a diva belting self-absorbed lyrics over the top.
Plot: Carrie Bradshaw is UPSET - tear-stained mascara, meaningful looks, sulkily sloping through an airport to escape her latest crap relationship. She’s only happy when she’s dancing in a rehersal studio or In The Club, where a bunch of extras are putting their hands in the air like they just don’t care.
Fashion: Accessories are key here - Kati wears HIDEOUS high heels that make her feet look two-dimensional. She is also wearing leather biker gloves which seem weirdly out of place with her gold sparkly dress. I like the huge necklace though.
Tourist Board Rating: A few shots of an (admittedly sundrenched) suspension bridge. Could do better, Hungary! 2/10. Better than 2010? By default, yes! As this super-dramatic video explains, Hungary couldn’t afford to enter last year.
Overall verdict: I expect that this will do rather well if it makes it through the semis.

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