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Diagram of The Heart - If I Were You

So this was a Song of The Day on Popjustice a couple of years ago and I vaguely twigged that the singer Kye was the same Kye I went to primary school with. This wasn’t a surprise as Kye had always been A Bit Showbiz: I was his understudy when he played the lead role in Joseph & The Technicolour Dreamcoat (I was less than enthusiastic about my part and tried to point out to Mrs Terry that Joseph wasn’t a girl, only to be told that ‘boys had long hair in the olden days’ so it was fine).

Anyway Kye was (obviously) a much better singer than me and didn’t get the butler and the baker mixed up or forget the second verse to Close Every Door To Me, so it made sense when he buggered off to stage school later. And was then in a non-awful boyband. And then formed an electropop duo with the above post-dystopian factory film for a video. These seemed like natural progressions.

HOWEVER he is now on this year’s X Factor and is doing quite well. Go Kye! The most alarming aspect of this whole business is that someone in my year at school is now in the OLD PERSON X Factor category :( :( :(

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